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Supermarket Specialists

Established by Steve and Shelley Mehmert in 1990, Mehmert Store Services provides superior services for your grocery store remodel, addition, or new store design. For over 20 years, our qualified staff has brought a fresh perspective to supermarket architecture and design, equipment management, project management, and asset management .

Working within budgets of $1,000 to $12 million, our team has managed and designed projects spanning from the installation of a single bakery case to the ground-up construction of a new store. We've been there – we know what it takes to make your project successful – and we listen and understand what your goals are before we even get started. At Mehmert Store Services we have a passion for truly exceptional supermarkets and we’ve made it our specialty to create them.

Mehmert Store Services in the news

I know how to sell lettuce. I don’t know about refrigeration or other such things. In the past I used to get a lot of support from the wholesaler. Now, I trust Mehmert Store Services in these matters. They are the advocates in my corner, not just contractors.

— Doug Winsor

Haug Enterprises - Minnesota