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Burnstad's Market
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Burnstad's European Restaurant & Pub

The Burnstad family has operated a grocery store in Tomah Wisconsin since 1944. The Tomah store is where the Burnstad chain began. It is their flagship store. It is the home to their corporate offices. Over the years the Burnstad family continued to add to the building as their business flourished. They successfully created their Burnstad's Market concept, the European Village; which included numerous specialty shops, a restaurant and bar, and the Amish Country Store. All of these concepts resided within a building that continued to grow and expand. Prior to the 2009 remodel the Market felt very segregated. There was no continuity between the various functions. The Market, bar and restaurant, and the European Village suffered as a result the lack of flow between the three independent buildings. Each building and concept had been modified individually, preventing the overall from becoming one functional, cohesive design.

Through strategic planning, Mehmert Store Services (MSS) worked with the Burnstad family to achieve their goals. Numerous concepts were studied and then abandoned due to project cost constraints. In the end the overall square footage of the combined buildings was determined to be sufficient to accomplish all the family's goals. By staying within the existing footprint of the combined buildings MSS could avoid several costs that might otherwise jeopardize the project. By reallocating space and moving the restaurant and bar functions into under-utilized space within the European Village building the Mehmert team was able to create room to expand the retail selling space of the grocery store.

Work began by creating a new dining room, pub, kitchen, and conference facility within the European Village. This dramatic change created a new destination within the Village that helped to ensure its success along with freeing up valuable space that allowed for expansion of the Market. The design team at Mehmert used this freed up space to house the new Produce department, the Market Deli and Bakery, and a new to the store Natural and Organic department. In addition to the drama the new power aisle provides, the space now invites the shopper to explore the entire facility. Through proper signage and enticing views the customer is invited to fully explore the Market, to enjoy lunch in multiple venues, and to shop at its various boutiques. The facility now provides the customer with a more enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience.

As a result of listening to the customer, and working with them to achieve the customer’s goals the Mehmert team was able deliver the goods. They were able to transform an aging concept into a vibrant shopping experience that the community and tourists will enjoy for years to come. The remodel of Burnstad’s Market has not only provided a new look, but the beginning of a new tradition as well. 



Completion Date

September 2009

Square Footage

60,000 sq. ft

Services Provided

  • Project Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Design Services

Everyone says they listen, but Mehmert Store Services really does listen. They did not treat us like just any old store. They customized their efforts to our exact specifications and needs.

— Art Potash

Potash Bros. Market - Chicago, IL